Course Category: Regular Courses

Robotic Process Automation

COURSE DESCRIPTION The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) course is designed to provide deep insights into the industry, technology, functional aspects and practical experience in implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Become a successful Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Consultant with our step-by-step,hands-onapproach. COURSE OBJECTIVES Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging technology in the world and it […]

Network and Information Security (NIS)

COURSE DESCRIPTION The module will equip participants with modern techniques to secure any kind of network and network-accessible resources from unauthorized access, misuse, modification or denial of service. This practical course is based on the CIA triad model (confidentiality, integrity and availability) to achieve security in both wired and wireless networks against insiders and intruders. […]

Diploma in Business Computing

COURSE DESCRIPTION  This certificate course is designed to develop and provide a participant with hands-on skills and competencies in using data analytics software tools and technologies to derive a business value from a range of institutional or organizational data. The explosion of social media and computerization of every aspect of social and economic activity has […]

Certificate in Software Development

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is specially designed with the current trend of IT technologies in mind to equip and develop a participant with a demonstratable skills and experiences necessary to embrace the changing needs of the IT industry. A participant will also develop a relatively advanced level of hands-on skills to successfully undertake a given […]

Office Productivity Suite

OFFICE PRODUCTIVITY SUITE   COURSE DESCRIPTION  Office Productivity Suite is a collection of applications put together in a list of modules. The course provides hands-on exercises and practical use of the Microsoft Office applications, facilitated by premiere instructors. This will help students better utilize its functionalities on word processing, e-mail, presentations, data management, as well as […]

Multimedia and Animation

COURSE DESCRIPTION  This course is designed for individuals or professionals who intend to pursue a career in Animation and Graphic Design. COURSE OBJECTIVES By the end of this course, a participant should be able to: Have a basic knowledge in animation and graphic design. Have a hands-on training on applications like Photoshop, Coral Draw and […]