GI-KACE Empowers Youth with Digital Skills in Sunyani

The Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT (GI-KACE), in its quest to bridge the digital divide and empower youth in the digital space, has held its first-ever graduation ceremony on the Digital Proficiency and Digital Programming Basics program at its Sunyani branch on Friday, November 24, 2023.

The ceremony, held at the Sunyani branch, marked a pivotal moment and demonstrated GI-KACE’s commitment to equipping the younger generation with essential digital skills. Each year, GI-KACE organizes digital skills training for JHS and SHS graduates to equip them with the necessary digital skills to groom the youth to navigate the complexities of the modern technological landscape.

Mrs. Anita Danso, the Business Development Manager of the GI-KACE Sunyani Centre, expressed her pride in the graduates and commended their commitment to self-improvement. She encouraged them to apply their newfound skills to pursue their career aspirations and contribute to the development of their communities.

Mr. Ransford Antwi, the owner of Suncity Radio, Sunyani, who is a parent and a development advocate, encouraged the trainees to use their digital prowess to not only uplift themselves but also to make a positive impact in the world.

Nana Adwoa Pokua Odiamono 1 (Sunyani Tuntum Akwam Hemaa) presenting a certificate to one of the students

The Sunyani East Municipal Education Director, Mark Godfred Domah commended GI-KACE for its commitment to providing affordable and accessible ICT education to the youth of Sunyani. He emphasised the importance of digital literacy in today’s world and encouraged the graduates to continue their pursuit of knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The Chairperson, Nana Adwoa Pokua Odiamono 1 (Sunyani Tuntum Akwam Hemaa) explained that in today’s world where everything is shaped by technology, the tools and knowledge gained by participants will undoubtedly serve as the foundation upon which they can build successful careers and contribute meaningfully to society. Nana Odiamono 1 advised them to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead with confidence and determination, for they are not merely graduates; they are ambassadors of progress, carrying the torch of knowledge into a future that is shaped by intellect, creativity, and commitment to excellence.

Speaking on behalf of the Director General at the graduation ceremony, the Director of Corporate Affairs and Media Relations of GI-KACE, Kobi Hemaa Osisiadan-Bekoe, emphasized that, in a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected and reliant on technology, the decision to equip the youth with digital skills is a wise and forward-thinking one. She added that Digital proficiency and programming basics are not merely subjects; they are the keys to unlocking countless opportunities in today’s fast-paced and dynamic job market.

“As you move forward from this moment, remember that your education is a foundation upon which you will build your future. Whether you choose to pursue further studies, enter the workforce, or even start your entrepreneurial journey, the skills you’ve acquired here will undoubtedly set you apart.”

The graduation ceremony was attended by a distinguished gathering of dignitaries, including representatives from the Sunyani Municipal Assembly, the Ghana Education Service, and the Association of ICT Professionals in Ghana.